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Thank you for an incredible and tasty workshop today. You make it seem so easy but you definitely have a little magic. I wanted to ask you about your cilantro chutney sauce - you said you could send me the recipe. It was delicious! Thanks again - I live in Plantation so I don't get down your way often, but now that I know you're there, I will definitely come by!





My complexion is better; my eyes are clear; I feel better; I look better; my cholesterol has lowered and my energy level has tripled. It's not just eating the delicious healthy food expertly prepared by Chef Sonia, it's the special herbs and spices the chef has added to the meal, making it exceedingly healthy and making my new way of life (eating) essential to my overall well being.



Nofilter y. 



Dosha is hidden jewel! ... the food is amazing,  the service spectacular. They have different aryubedic dishes, the everyday recommendation is the kitchari, so healthy but also delicious, the empanadas are incredibly tasty, the smoothies, ... ask for the special ... they change it everyday and always very creative and delicious... price is fair for the quality of the food you get. I always leave the place super happy, I visit them regularly. thanks




emma mirtarios


For a while I'd been suffering from intense migraines, along with bouts of nausea and vomiting. Since my sleep schedule was out-of-whack, I was drinking coffee throughout the day to stay alert and energetic. This would, at times, leave me feeling jittery and nervous. After committing to the liver cleanse diet I started sleeping much better, and my torrid caffeine addiction disappeared, as well as the migraines and nausea. I've become a fanatic lover of Ayurvedic kitchari dishes, extremely digestive and palliative meals. They've become a fixture of my diet, displacing ice cream and pizza– indulgences I would frequent. I've also lost six or seven pounds, which I have yet to regain, even though I've not followed the diet with the same rigor with which I took it up. In general I feel healthier, and energized, which is why I recommend Sonya's blend of Ayurvedic cooking and medicine to all those looking to lead a happier, more peaceful life.

Emma Mirtatrios


 Alexandra Dray


I have suffered from Endometriosis for 15 years and have had several treatments, as well as surgeries. I have tried everything possible to get relief, however if you know about this chronic disease, there is no cure. I have taken a holistic approach in the past, meditation, acupuncture etc... however it is not before having met Sonia and started her customized and personalized vegan food regiment for me, that I have seen such results in little time. She has been able to help me find out exactly what my body can and can not have, my current endometrioma that was 8 cm (the size of a large orange)  2 months ago, I am happy to say is shrinking in size!

Alexandra Dray

Silvia Lattova, Esq.


I came across the Dosha café by an accident, which I’m glad happened.  A friend of mine took me there after a yoga class – this was a year ago and I’m eating here every chance I get, which often means 5 days a week.  It became a way of life.  Why? Because after 10 days of eating the food prepared by Vedic chef Sonia Tigero I started feeling better, sleeping better and most importantly, my desire for coffee – the bane of my existence- completely disappeared.  I went from 4 cups a day to nothing…No force will be required…simply, my body started healing. Fresh healing food that is a joy to eat.  Try it and see what it does for you.

Nelly Stein


I did the 3 days Kitcheri cleanse with Vedic Chef Sonia Tigero's  Kitcheri  and it was the most delicious  way to lose weight and cleanse my body especially  after a vacation!


Sonia, thank you so much for a very educational class. I have made ALL of the recipes from the take away and everything turned out delicious! I will visit you soon to eat more delicious food and learn how to make the green sauce for the Kitchari. Love that sauce!!! Thanks for the knowledge!




Thank you, Sonia, for an extraordinary class and introduction into Ayurveda practices.  Your vast knowledge, passion to help others heal themselves, and your patient manner made my experience in your class much more than I'd imagined it would be! I will be in touch to discuss private cooking instruction as well as personal consultations for both me and my husband.