AYURVEDA MEALS Starter Program



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(3) Ayurveda meals - Dosha balancing and specific to your Dosha type. 

Only $30!


Meal Plans

By Vedic Chef, Sonia Tigero


All of the Meals below are available for delivery throughout South Florida.

They are created FRESH in my kitchen located at 139 NE 1st Ave Hallandale Beach Blvd and delivered the SAME day.


Ayurveda Lifestyle





Includes pulse reading, tongue, nails, & eyes.

We create your unique plan to restore your balance

through food, daily routine, and herbs.



Basic plan to improve your health.

5 days meal plan - breakfast, lunch, supper.

Morning Tonic smoothie, main dish of the day & cream of veggies soup.





5 Day meal Plan

Starting at $75.00


Lunch and dinner

1 meal and 1 cream of veggies soup: $75

2 main meals: $100





3 days of KITCHARI



The best way to detox your body while you will be eating and nourishing it.

You will eat Kitchari 3 times per day during breakfast, lunch and dinner.




Liver flush Program


14 days of cleansing. Deep, but gentle Ayurvedic Program to flush all the toxins held in your liver, including negative emotions.

Includes protocol plus 14 days meals. 3 meals per day during 14 days to make your program easy and effective.



Ayurvedic Consultation, Protocol liver flush, plus your Ayurvedic formula. 

I will guide and support YOU in your cleansing, while providing your personal formula for your unique constitution.

Only Liver Flush Formula: $55







Include 9 day meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Also includes all oils, teas, and elements you will need for this

complete detox program.


Consultation and protocol only: $250

You will be able to follow recipes and purchase the materials.









The Ayurvedic healing dish made with organic long rice, organic yellow mung beans and organic herbs and spices.



Quinoa Kitchari Tridoshic



A delicious kitchari made with organic quinoa, organic split tellow mung beans and organic herbs and spices.


Featured Items

 All of these items are made and packaged right in my kitchen.

They are shipped FREE of charge, to anywhere within the continental United States.