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During 2016


 June 2016

Kitchen pharmacy workshop

Join us for 4 hours of "The Six Tastes" - Saturday, June 25th at 2:00PM! Learn how to incorporate the six tastes in  your life in order to eat not only balanced, but nourishing ingredients your body needs and get satisfied with every meal. Learn about the importance of spices to eliminate toxins and daily routines for a cool summer. You'll also learn recipes to detox your liver. RSVP now - seats are limited. $75 early birds, $65 PayPal.

Email: soniatigero@gmail.com to RSVP!


 June 2016

Holistic Health for the Whole Woman Summit

As women, we all work hard. Maintaining balance and health in this fast-paced modern world can be overwhelming. It’s hard to find that sense of well-being we all crave. How would you like to learn from 20 Holistic Health Experts who are committed to supporting and mentoring women like us for free? I’m excited to announce that I’m speaking at Monique Blake’s Holistic Health for the Whole Woman Summit. Over the course of 5 days,  you will experience content-rich interviews with 20 global leaders in Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, and Yoga. These experts are committed to helping women like you discover a sense of wholeness and wellbeing in your emotional, physical, and spiritual life. Each speaker will share insights you can use right away.


 August 2016

2nd Anniversary event:

health, wellness & longevity

DOSHA's 2nd Anniversary Event: Health, Wellness & Longevity!

Vedic Chef Sonia Tigero invites you to join us in a plant-based diet celebration for wellness & longivity! Embrace a new life based around a plant-based diet. Benefit not only in a personal level, but in the ambient compassion for other living animals. 





4 hours of Ayurvedic Wisdom SATURDAY Oct 1st @ 2:00 PM!


The fall brings with it a predominance of air element and prana, the vital breath, the subtle essence of life, is abundant in the atmosphere. Autumn is dry, rough, windy, erratic, cool, subtle, and clear. These are all qualities shared by vata dosha, and because like increases like, autumn is considered a vata season.







Seed Food and Wine is not just a festival, we are a movement, a community of ideas and passionate people committed to elevating the conversation around plant-based foods, sustainability, conscious living and the welfare of animals.​


DOSHA will be sampling Quinoa Kitchari on Saturday, November 5th from 11AM to 6PM!





cooking class

Ayur means "Life," Veda means "Knowledge," so Ayurveda means "Knowledge of Life." During this fun and informative cooking class you will learn new ways to take care of yourself and your digestion leaving you feeling blissful, nourished and balanced. This is not an every day cooking class just to learn recipes. This is a journey of the soul into the universe of tastes, flavors, and ancient Ayurvedic knowledge.